Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About You

While we haven't personally met yet, I already know a little about you. I know that you are intellectually curious, care about the big questions in life, and are committed to expanding your Jewish education.
I also know that you are one of a select group of people. Of the approximately 16,000 people around the world who take JLI courses on a regular basis, you have joined our blog. 
The main impetus behind this blog is to create a virtual community of like-minded individuals; fellow travelers exploring together, supporting each other in the quest for knowledge and meaning.
With that in mind, please share a little about yourself. Where are you from? What prompted you to take this class? What do you hope to learn from it? Where do you see our blog going? What kind of content do you hope to see here? What are your goals in joining our community?

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