Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye National Jewish Retreat! See You Next Year!

Today was the last day of the Retreat! While it's sad that it's all over (and personally I feel like I'm going to need a large crane to haul me out of here after all of that food), it’s clear that the learning made an indelible mark on everyone who was there, and the power of Jews coming together for five days of remarkable study in unity has infused a tremendous energy into the Jewish people.

As Rabbi Mintz, Director of JLI, so aptly said last night after Shabbat, a Retreat participant once compared the retreat to a stationary cruise. It might even be compared with the first cruise in history: Noah’s Ark. Noah actually had it made in the ark; he had a lofty spiritual experience, surrounded by his family, secluded from the rest of the world. And when it came time, Noah did not want to leave this haven to embark upon a new world - the real world.

G-d told Noah, Leave the ark. Go take everything you’ve soaked up and saturate the world with knowledge of G-d. For everyone who loved the retreat, it’s now time to go back to our communities and infuse them with the knowledge and vitality that we have been so fortunate to have internalized over these past five days.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at next year’s National Jewish Retreat, which will G-d willing be in Jerusalem with our righteous Moshiach!

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